Drop shelving is designed to be added as an additional option to Top shelving, by create another level of shelving hanging above head height. By adding our Drop shelving you double up your long term storage capacity and still allow to have clean floor space for your vehicles to be parked inside without a hassle. These shelving are custom made and design to accommodate your storage needs and can be combined with Top shelving, Inverted shelving, Wall shelving, Shelving, Workbenches and Hook-up System.

700 Drop Shelving

Features & Benefits

700mm Deep
Increase long term storage capacity
Easy to reach bulky items
Great for over vehicles bonnet storage

510 Drop Shelving

Features & Benefits

510mm Deep
Increase medium Size storage Capacity
Easy to reach medium size items
Great for double garages


320 Drop Shelving

Features & Benefits

320mm Deep
Most popular drop shelving option
Easy to reach everyday goods
Great for single garages