Where our story began

My name is Niel and this is my story, in 2012 myself and my future wife at that time bought a house and moved in, all excited not knowing what to expect. Our garage became the store room and our driveway the location of our vehicles. Financially it was a huge leap into adulthood and we had to quickly get used to paying bills and find ways to survive.

There was a need for space in the garage to pursue my part-time hobby making steel gates to increase our monthly income. While surfing the internet for ideas on shelving I then realized that the local market did not cater for the home-garage owner, and had to eventually built shelving using concepts from other resources. The homemade DIY shelving made such a big difference to my lifestyle and all my friends and relatives was so impressed with the end results that I then realized that there is definitely a need for quality garage shelving.

Sparkdust the idea was born and a lot of design hours was put into the product development, but having a full time job and a wife to keep happy it became a lengthy process but determination, hard work, realistic goals and having people that believed in me, I knew anything is possible. My son was born, and the responsibilities increased drastically it was time to step-up my game and walk the talk. Being a father I need to provide and also create something that will fit our lifestyle and spending nights grinding and cutting steel is not the answer and I knew that Sparkdust would provide the balance.

No project = No income! Getting the first project was like talking to a deaf person for the first time, nobody showed interest or react to any ads I advertised on numerous media platforms without any success, that made me realized that business is not for the faint of heart. My first client Drikus contacted me in October 2015 and he gave me the opportunity and put his faith in me to trial the products in his garage, and since then I’ve not look back and Sparkdust (Pty) Ltd (2016/079902/07) was born.

What makes Sparkdust so special for me is the journey it had to walk to achieve the ultimate goal to design a product that is a South African local produced product, and not an imported product.

Sparkdust Garage Shelving Specialist is your only complete garage storage solution and we pride ourselves to be unique and the best in the industry

Our Motto

“To build a strong wealthy country only support local suppliers, use local labour and work hard to create a future for our own children”

Our Vision

“No.1 Garage Shelving Specialist”

Our Mission

“Your garage = Our solution”